ABOUT et.nk

et.nk architecture&design studio<エー・エヌケー>は、









et.nk is an independent professional female architect office,

led by experienced architect that can bring you creativity and fresh ideas from woman’s perspective.

We have proposed practical and friendly yet extraordinary design for new and existing home, and commercial space.

Consultation service at home or cafe nearby workplace is available for busy customers.

We also provide service in English for international customers.

If you have any further requests or questions, please feel free to contact us.


川岸  希望 Nozomi Kawagishi

1977 北海道伊達市生まれ
1997 北海道道都大学短期大学部建設科卒業                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          1998   カナダオンタリオ州カールトン大学建築科入学
2002   奥山建築設計事務所(北海道)・アトリエ・天工人(東京)・フリーダムアーキテクツデザイン(東京)を経て
2015 et.nk architecture & design studio 設立/東京と北海道を拠点に活動中

1977  Born in Date city, Hokkaido
1997  Graduated Dohto University junior college, Hokkaido
1998  Joined Carleton University, Canada
2002  Joined Okuyama Architectural Design Office, Hokkaido・Atelier TEKUTO Co.,ltd, Tokyo・Freedom Architects Design, Tokyo
2015  Established et.nk architecture&design studio/Based in Tokyo and Hokkaido


                             東京事務所:    152-0003 東京都目黒区碑文谷5-7-10 アルシオネ301
301-5-7-10 Himonya, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 152-0003

北海道事務所: 052-0023 北海道伊達市元町42-36
42-36 Motomachi, Date-city, Hokkaido, 052-0023

TEL:  03 ・6331 ・0317
        MAIL: n.kawagishi@et-nk.com
    HP: Http : // www.et-nk.com